What we do and why?

From making charity more efficient or diverting the excess food to the hungry, AI has huge potential to bring positive change to society by making it easier for community members to contribute. We at Community AI do two major things - spread the knowledge by teaching for free the AI courses to middle and high school students and recruit them to build projects for the community. AI is not part of the curriculum in the current K-12 classes. To bridge that gap, instructors at community AI designed a course that is easy to comprehend for students.

Founder and CEO

Shreyas is a rising Senior (12th grade) at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is passionate about Machine Learning, Data Science and applied Mathematics. He has been doing research since his middle school years and successfully built several projects. Most of these projects earned several prestigious prizes. In his freshman year at high school, he was selected as top 30 young scientists by Society of Science and Public and presented his project at White House, US Capitol, National Geographic among other places. MIT Lincoln Labs named a minor planet after Shreyas (planet 34338 - Shreyaskar). Several community leaders showed interest in his projects and he decided to do more for the community by educating other students and build projects for the community. He founded the non-profit organization, Community AI, Inc., to take it forward.

Shraman Kar

Cofounder and CFO

Shraman is a rising Sophomore (10th grade) at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He started building projects using machine learning and IoT since his 6th grade and have been awarded many state and national level prizes and thousands of dollars of scholarships. He and his projects were featured on TV and newspapers multiple times. He received awards and recognitions from congressman and senator. He is a cofounder of Community AI Inc. along with Shreyas.

Chief Advisor and Mentor

Dr. Willert earned a B.A. in Mathematics from The College of Wooster and a Masters and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. Dr. Willert specialized in Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solutions to Nonlinear Equations and Optimization during his graduate studies. His Ph.D. thesis, Hybrid Deterministic/Monte Carlo Methods for Solving the Neutron Transport Equation and k-Eigenvalue Problem, was jointly advised by members of the Applied Mathematics and Nuclear Engineering departments and a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Dr. Willert continued a similar line of research as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at LANL.

After two years at LANL, Dr. Willert took a job with the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) in Northern Virginia. As a Research Staff Member at IDA, Dr. Willert worked on the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense team, providing leadership in modeling and simulation and data analytics. He later changed trajectories and joined Altamira Technologies as a Senior Data Scientist, before being promoted to Lead Data Scientist. While at Altamira he led a team of data scientists working with the United States Air Force Chief Data Office. His team specialized in providing data science and Machine Learning support for a variety of technical Use Cases. In 2019, Dr. Willert and his family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, USA to lead a team of data scientists at Schneider Electric within the Energy and Sustainability Services division.

Rick Biswas

Rick is a rising Senior (12th grade) at Parkway High School in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He has shown continued dedication and passion towards robotics and engineering. He has ranked in many competitions and has done various projects in the field of robotics. Some of his achievements include: 2nd place in KY State Fair, Tournament champions of MO State VEX Competition, and qualifying for VEX Worlds 2020. He wishes to continue making projects that will help his community.

Pooja Kannappan

Pooja is a rising Senior (12th grade) at Bloomfield Hills High School, Bloomfield Twp, Michigan, USA. She is passionate about the intersection of science and technology and loves to create projects that help solve meaningful problems. She fell in love with coding at a young age and has since learned HTML & CSS, Python, R, and Java. Pooja hopes to pursue a career in STEM and eventually found a start-up company using technology to create early disease diagnostic tools.

Veer Sandhu

Veer is currently a Sophomore (10th grade) in the IB Program located at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Ontario, Canada. He is a highly motivated student and has a strong passion for Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Mathematics. Veer started his journey in Machine Learning by completing courses from Stanford and the University of Toronto. He has built projects based on image recognition, recommender systems, and data classification that have won national competitions and been recognized by community professionals. He is excited to be a part of Community AI and ready to share his knowledge with link-minded individuals.

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