These projects have been built by Community AI members and are open-source. They have been gifted to the community.

Right Charity is a a software-based web application to bring donors, charities and receivers on the same platform and facilitate to donate and distribute most needed items to right people at right time.

By Shreyas Kar


Presented at White House

Top 30 in the Nation

Food waste and food insecurity are two big issues in the world. 40% of the food bought by Americans are wasted, amounting to $165 billion annually. Whereas 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. Food waste is the third largest producer of harmful greenhouse gas. Foodle is an IoT and AI-based integrated system to reduce food waste, food insecurity and save the environment.

By Shraman Kar


App Challenge Winner

National Winner


1st Place - Embedded Systems, State - 2019

In the News

Best Of State Science Fair - 2019

This project is to for Facial recognition tool using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to find and reunite missing children. There are 8 million people go missing each year around the world and 10% of which are in the United States alone. The goal of this project is to match the faces of a missing or a found person with a database of pictures and videos of people and reunite them with their family. This is an iOS App and also Java based software. This is demonstrated and gifted to the law enforcement authorities.

By Shreyas Kar

Machine Learning and IoT enabled machine to maintain a healthy garden while conserving water. It predicts and checks the nutrients and water in the soil and dispense them automatically when needed.

By Shraman Kar


Broadcom Masters Top 300 - 2018

Parkinson’s Disease is the second most neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s and affecting 1 million Americans today. Do you know that most of these PD patients suffer because most of the times the detection happens at later stage and detection is inaccurate 25% of the times? I created and trained three separate Machine Learning models to detect Parkinson's Disease better than clinical trial accuracy. This can revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of PD.

By Shreyas Kar


1st Place - Biomedical Engineering, State Science Fair - 2020

Grand Prize / National Finalist

1st Place - Computer Science

JEI is an open-access journal run by Harvard graduate students that publishes original research

Published Harvard Peer Reviewed Journal

This is an intelligent system to alert users of high usage and in extreme cases closing valves automatically to prevent huge loss of clean water in a city. Machine Learning is used to predict the usage of water using live weather feed and combine with IoT based water flow sensors to alert users and water distributors. This system has potential to modernize city’s water distribution system and conserve huge amount of water.

By Shreyas Kar


State Winner / National Finalist - 2020

Machine Learning Algorithm (Convolutional Neural Networks) to Detect Icebergs from Satellite Images to Help Reduce Global Warming, Oil Spill and Improve Safety of Arctic navigation

By Shraman Kar


National Top 10

State Merit Winner

Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award - NOAA

Best of State Science Fair - 2020

First Place - Environmental Engineering, State - 2020

A Solar tracker was created in order to focus solar panels perpendicular to incoming sunlight. This position of the solar panel is optimal for photovoltaic energy generation. The efficiency of the Solar Tracking system vs normal use of solar panels was compared using data collected by an Arduino Power Logger.

By Varun Chandrashekhar


1st Place - Energy, Physical, State Science Fair - 2019

Grand Prize / National Finalist - 2019

1st Place - Computer Science - 2019

An intelligent system, which I named NextCare to diagnose Parksinson’s Disease early and to monitor motor disease progression in real-time to improve the care of patients suffering with Parkinson’s Disease, abbreviated as PD, which is the second most common neurodegenerative disease affecting over a million Americans

By Shreyas Kar


ISEF Finalist -2021

1st Place Robotics and Intelligent Machine - Manual Science Fair

My "School Shield" app detects violence from the live video feed and use it to send an appropriate alert to the nearest teachers and security officials. Specifically, emotions and weapons are detected to determine if a violent incident is about to take place.

By Shreyas Kar

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