The Positive Impacts of AI in Our Environment and Communities.

AI is at the forefront of changing the way we live today. Many people question the use of Artificial Intelligence in our rapidly evolving technological world. Is it accurate? How do humans program it? What is the difference between AI and Machine Learning? And, where is it even used?

Well, AI, in short form, essentially makes our lives easier. It assists us in everyday activities, such as helping us do everyday things such as connecting with friends and suggesting to us what others have watched after watching a particular movie. The artificial intelligence in our technology is learning and growing every day.

Artificial intelligence benefits all and prevents us from accidental human error. For example, in meteorology, let's say that your local weather station stated that it would be a sunny day outside, and you had planned on playing a tennis match. Then, let's say that it started to rain, which would cause you to cancel your game, which would infuriate you. AI would have assisted you before the tennis match, and you most likely wouldn't have to cancel it. For this reason, several weather channels have used IBM, which is a well-known artificial intelligence that tracks weather data.

It has revolutionized all of today's industries and has created economic opportunities. AI technologies have a tremendous impact on industries as diverse as agriculture and healthcare. The largest companies in the world rely on AI. For example, Amazon's machine learning technology recommends products to customers as they are buying a particular item. Virtually every major industry and company in the world uses AI in some shape or form because of how well it assists them.

In conclusion, the positive impacts of artificial intelligence in our environment and communities are perpetual, and we will continue on using and improving it for the future.