There are a few Computer Science classes available in the high school, but courses for Data Science and Machine Learnings are not taught in the regular, honors, or AP curriculum. One major goal of the Community AI is to spread the knowledge of Machine Learning to more students so that the community gains from the projects these students subsequently build. 

Deep Dive Series: Concepts and Hands on Codding

What is Machine Learning?

Linear Regression

Neural Networks

Logistic Regression

Data Preprocessing


Application of ML

K-Means Clustering

Generative AI

Intro Series: Concepts in 2 Minutes

What is ML?

by Shraman

Formalizing Simple Linear Regression

Optimization Algorithms: Gradient Discent

by Shreyas

Summarizing Simple Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression

Overfitting and Underfitting

by Shraman

Example: Simple ML Model

by Shraman

Neural Network Explained

by Shraman


How CNN works - a step by step explanation

What is a Large Language Model (Hint: ChatGPT)

Use ChatGPT API in your app

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