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AI Speaker Series : 9 Feb, 2023 - 6 PM EST

AI Talk: Data Science as Career

AI Talk: Data Science as Career

by Dr. Jeffrey Willert, Lead Data Scientist, Schneider Electric

In this talk, Dr. Willert will discuss his path to becoming a data scientist and a machine learning practitioner. We will introduce the technical and soft skills required to be successful in the field. We will discuss the various paths which can lead to this career, as well.

AI Speaker Series : 3 Nov, 2021 - 7 PM EST

Careers in Data Science

Data Science is and always has been a varied, interdisciplinary field. Broadly a combination of statistics, computing, and puzzle solving, data science as a career path can provide many opportunities for anyone with strong analytical, mathematical, and technical skills. A clear grasp of what data science is and isn’t along with an appreciation of the breadth of its subject matter is a necessary first step in understanding if it’s a good fit your goals.

Join me for a quick tour of the field and a discussion of a few interesting projects presented against the backdrop of my winding path from a Math/Physics Bachelor’s degree to a PhD in Astronomy to Lead Data Scientist for the Chief Data Office of the United States Air Force (SAF/CO).

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AI Speaker Series : 29 April, 2021 - 7 PM EST

Dr. Will Cousins 

Director, Baseball Research and Development for the Tampa Bay Rays

Data Science and Technology in Baseball

Data Science and Technology in Baseball - Over the past decade, technology has allowed for the measurement of detailed information on what happens in a baseball game, ranging from the spin of pitched baseballs, exact trajectories of home runs, and the motion of players on the field. We'll talk about this new information and how it impacts the game.

AI Speaker Series : 10th December, 2020 - 7 PM EST

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An evening with Mathew Penn, Senior Solution Architect, NVIDIA


A. Tracking of individuals in video captured by drones.  

B. NVIDIA's new technology for improving internet-based video chat quality.

AI Speaker Series : 10th September, 2020 - 7 PM EST - Online  and Free

Dr. Geoffrey Fairchild 

Los Alamos National Laboratory

From Influenza to Ebola to COVID-19: Historical and Modern Epidemiology

COVID-19 has turned an entire generation into epidemiology enthusiasts, but the field’s modern origins date back to an iconic mystery in 1800s London. Since that time, the field has blossomed in directions that its founder never could’ve dreamed, using data from social media, satellite imagery, and more in advanced systems of differential equations and machine learning, statistical, and agent-based models. This talk will discuss the origins of epidemiology and discuss the development of modern computational and mathematical epidemiology, as well as some related offshoots like modeling political instability and the spread of misinformation.

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