AI Summer Camp 2022

Organized by Community AI Inc., a youth-driven non-profit organization to empower students to unleash AI for good

Top 15 projects announced - here are the winners

2022 Summer Camp - 7 June to 2 July 2022.

Registration Closed. Register for next AI Camp here

Google Classroom and Zoom link for the camp was shared with all the participants.

Our camps are always free, and we offer live virtual classes on Machine Learning and coding. All we ask is that use your skill to build projects to help your community or the environment. The Zoom link for the sessions and Google Classroom information will be sent a few days before the camp starts.

We received registration from 50 countries.


What is the AI Summer Camp 2022?

It's a 3 weeks long course consisting of a series of 6 lectures delivered over live interactive virtual classroom setting.

Who will teach?

The lectures will be delivered by a lead Data Scientist (Ph.D.) and Stanford and IBM Machine Learning certified accomplished HS Students.

How much does it cost?

It is absolutely free for students. All we want is that you learn and then build an AI/technology-driven project to help the community or the environment.

What are the prerequisites?

There is no prior programming knowledge required. A good mathematics oriented mindset will be plus to follow the courses well.

Is there a certificate?

The students who attend 5 out of 6 classes and successfully complete assignments and a final project will receive a certificate from Community AI Inc.

Will it help my Science Fair or another academic project?

Absolutely! These concepts can be used in many projects.

What are the top 5 reasons to join the camp?

1. Learn about how Machine Learning works and how to use it in projects via live virtual classes.

2. Help in building your own projects using AI concepts.

3. Able to serve the community with your project.

4. Showcase your successfully completed project along with other great projects on the Community AI website.

5. Be a member of Community AI and help others.

All lectures will be delivered by the Lead Data Scientist of a Fortune 500 company and Machine Learning Certified students via live online classes from 7 to 8 PM Eastern Time. The online Zoom link will be shared with the students who sign up. The camp is free, but seats are limited. This camp is ideal for High School and Middle School Students. We request each student to use the skill learned during the camp to work on projects to help the community and the environment. We even provide mentorship to those projects. Please check out the projects section of the website to learn about a few projects and ideas past students of the camp worked on.