2020-21 Winners

2nd Place Winner


CharityTrend is a website that is used to recommend charitable organizations based on news stories. Users paste an article link into CharityTrend‚ search bar, and an AI model will analyze the article‚ content for keywords that reveal the issues that are discussed. The model will then search for relevant charities. The user can also view trending news stories with charities that the model has picked. CharityTrend will also display additional information about each charity so that users can evaluate them further. Afterwards, users will be navigated to the donor page to make a secure donation.

Adam Achebe

Kenwood Academy, IL, USA

A-EYE for the Blind

Currently, there are about 300 million people globally with visual impairments. These people are unable to safely travel around on their own. For this reason, I decided to create A-EYE for the Blind: a product that provides blind people more freedom and safety while traveling. The hardware interface takes pictures of the user's surrounding, passes them through a 2D-image-to-depth-image machine learning model, and analyzes the depths of objects, providing users with audio feedback of obstructed areas. The images taken and other metadata are also uploaded to a database, and friends and family can check the images live on the website.

Sarang Goel

Coppell High School, TX, USA

Plant AI

Just the other day I read a headline, farmer couple commits suicide after killing minor‚ and this made my heart skip a beat. And I thought to address the problems of yield losses due to diseases with what I love, tech. Plant AI is a web application that helps crop growers to easily diagnose diseases in plants from plant images, using Machine Learning possible all on the web. This relies on a model I built to identify plant diseases from images, that runs on-device to prematurely identify plant diseases and also suggest farmers actionable steps to solve it.

Rishit Dagli

Narayana School -  MH, India

1st Place Winner


A Global Landslide Analytics System

Landslides cost billions in damage annually in the U.S. & have affected 4.8 million people over the past 2 decades. Existing landslide warning systems are ineffective in accuracy, latency, & scalability. There is a lack of publicly accessible data of landslide features on a global scale. The researchers compiled a global landslide dataset consisting of ~18,000 landslide incidences and 100 related climate and terrain features. Machine learning models obtained 92.5% accuracy & 94.1% detection rates when forecasting whether or not landslides would occur 5 days into the future. A data-driven approach to landslide susceptibility map generation was derived.

Shrey Joshi

Ishaan Javali

Plano East Senior High School - TX, USA

3rd Place Winner


With institutions open across the country during this pandemic, we are increasing the risk of outbreaks. On-location activity is particularly important for traders who need robust, real-time communication and sales teams that are subject to specific compliance monitoring. In the event of an outbreak, an institution may not be able to accurately identify every employee/student at risk and in turn, can be forced to shut down completely. There is a huge opportunity cost due to a loss of learning potential/revenue from shutdowns. OPEX is a startup focusing on providing solutions for contact tracing. Our long-term vision is to provide asset tracking solutions maximizing the efficiency of manufacturing infrastructure.

Ishan Sinha

Jacob Frumkin

Interlake High School - WA, USA

Sustainable Shopper

Shopping and hyper-consumerism have been the root cause of growing environmental problems through the past century. More often than not, consumers unknowingly purchase items or goods whose constituents have a toxic, long-lasting impact on the environment. While consumers today have a fair idea of the various environmental problems and their associated causes, their actual behaviour is often far from sustainable. This is largely due to a lack of awareness of the environmental consequences and impact of their purchases. "Sustainable Shopper" is a web-app that uses artificial intelligence to drive positive behaviour change in consumers and encourage them to make a sustainable choice. Through realtime image processing, it scans products for their ingredients, and based on that, determines a sustainability score.

Aditya Mehta

Dhirubhai Ambani International School - MH, India


SpeakUp, an ML-based speech aid, was developed to communicate voicelessly, merely by articulating words without producing any sounds. Although paralyzed patients cannot speak, their brain still sends EMG signals to the speech system. Recent advancements in Machine-Learning have added new ways in which these EMG signals can be processed. When a person tries to speak, SpeakUp records the subtle neurological EMG signals generated from the speech muscles using modern sensors. SpeakUp was able to translate EMG signals into speech and enables paralyzed patients to communicate in real-time. SpeakUp has an accuracy of 80.1% and was developed for less than $100.

Varun Chandrashekhar

duPont Manual High School - KY, USA


From clueless to the perfect trip

We created a site that allows young people to plan out entire trips with just a few clicks. We believe that quick and easy traveling can help solve racism by opening up the worldview of our generation. Young people don't like complicated planning. So, our application allows you to discover a new travel destination by inputting a few adjectives and plans out your entire trip, including meals, with the most famous landmarks and fastest routes. Additionally, all hotel and flight information is provided and can be customized so that everything you need for your trip can be purchased with a single button.

Michael Xing

Ezzat Suhaime

Lake Forest Academy - IL, USA


Incentiva is a minimalistic task manager that is packed with features to help significantly improve the productivity of the user. Incentiva aims to keep users productive and going in their busy day-to-day lives, ‚incentivizing‚ users to keep their good habits and to drop their bad ones. Advanced AI analyzes the user‚ habits to show them detailed reports on what they should be doing more/less of. Incentiva is different from other task managers in that it actually ‚manages‚ your tasks. It motivates users to keep going, and includes productivity features such as a Pomodoro Clock to ensure their work is getting done in a timely manner.

Aryadeep Buddha

Chris Farber

Hamilton Southestern High School - IN, USA