AI Energy Management System

Abstract: AIEMS (pronounced ai-ms) is a dual-AI system that is designed to help manage our use of renewable and nonrenewable energy in real-time. AI-1 will predict how much energy will be produced by each specific energy source, mainly variable sources such as solar panels. AI-2 will predict how much energy a specific city or area will draw. This will most be likely split between residential, industrial, and other types of buildings. The two AI will then work together to limit the overproduction of nonrenewable energy, work in real-time, combat power spikes, blackouts, and more. There are several ways for it to expand, smart devices could be incorporated, there could be an app that informs people of their energy usage in real-time, and how to limit it, it can show areas that lack renewable energy the most to help determine where new renewable energy farms will be built, and it could even be used to predict how much energy will be produced by a specific variable source, in a specific location, to find the place it will be used to its full potential before it’s even built, and more.

By Noah Stewart


Top Project Idea Winner - AI Camp, Summer 2020

by Community AI Inc.