COVID-19 Detector

ML COVID-19 Detector App

Abstract/Summary: As we are aware, the coronavirus/covid-19 has been spreading across the world, with officials reporting more than 250,000 cases everyday. Vaccines are being developed as quickly as possible, however, potential vaccines have to undergo a lot of testing and trials before being used to treat patients, and the entire process could take over a year. It can also be quite expensive and risky to go to a hospital and get a blood test, which is why a machine learning covid-19 detector would be useful. This app would let the user know if they test positive or negative of the virus and would provide actions that the user should take based on their symptoms and precautionary behavior. In order for the app to serve its purpose, artificial neural networks and k-means algorithm would be used. With this app, people would know their condition and are more likely to take measures to prevent the transmission of the virus, thereby preventing cases from increasing even further until a vaccine is available.


By Shridha Rajeswar


Top Project Idea Winner - AI Camp, Summer 2020

by Community AI Inc.