Stop Wildfires

AI to Stop Wildfires

Abstract: This project idea has two parts. The first part will allow an AI Bot to search multiple satellite images to detect the cause of a wildfire, and be able to give information and locations of potential causes to authorities for further inspection.

The second part of the project will also search satellite imagery for any weak points in current or past wildfires. Any points found in current fires can be given to firefighters to help aid their fight against the fires. Any points found in past wildfires can be used for training purposes to show new or volunteer firefighters effective ways to fight the fires. The data can even be used to show the public the dangers of wildfires, and the importance of evacuating if authorities deem it necessary.

Given what has been happening in some parts of the world, especially in California during the dry season, now and in previous years, this project can be very beneficial. It can help firefighters in their fight against wildfires, as well as help authorities find out what caused the wildfire.

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By Owen Hartman


Top Project Idea Winner - AI Camp, Summer 2020

by Community AI Inc.