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Community AI is a youth-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed to help the community and the environment by building projects using state of the art technologies and the power of AI. In addition to building projects for the community, we teach AI, organize AI events and fairs and help students implement AI-driven projects in every step of the project. 

AI Camp 2024  

8 July 2024 to 19 July, 2024

Introducing a new Lesson on Learning the technology behind ChatGPT & building applications to better our community using large language models (LLM).

Students joined from 58 countries for a truly gobal AI Camp (2023 Summer)

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Driver Safety

A Community AI Project

AI Based Energy Management System

A Community AI Project

Join us to end hunger with Foodle: AI+Volunteering

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AI Camp 2024

Schedule Announced  (Details here)

AI Speaker Series

Career in Data Science by Dr. Willert (Details here)

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@Dare to Care

The largest food bank in the area liked the product

@KY District 3

Congressman Yarmuth talking about the AI project

Artificial Intelligence has an enormous potential to solve many problems in the community. Many middle and high students are immensely passionate about Computer Science and Mathematics and are driven to help the community. However, most of these individuals are not familiar with the Machine Learning (ML) concepts required to build AI apps as there doesn’t exist a  course or extracurricular activity that is focused on AI in most schools. We want to bridge this gap by bringing ML concepts to the youth in a simple to understand courses.

Dr. Will Cousins 

Director, Baseball Research and Development for the Tampa Bay Rays

Data Science and Technology in Baseball

Data Science and Technology in Baseball - Over the past decade, technology has allowed for the measurement of detailed information on what happens in a baseball game, ranging from the spin of pitched baseballs, exact trajectories of home runs, and the motion of players on the field. We'll talk about this new information and how it impacts the game.

AI Speaker Series : 29 April, 2021 - 7 PM EST

Our goal at Community AI is to empower youth to unleash the potential of AI for the good of the community. We build projects that help the society in some way and then we gift the products to the community for its use. We also teach Machine Learning concepts to middle and high school students for them to contribute to Community AI's projects.

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