These are the top project ideas by the students of AI Camp. These AI-driven projects have potential to make big difference in the community and the environment.

Predict Driving Risk

Using Machine Learning to Predict the Relative Risk of Driving Using Weather Conditions and Driver Statistics

By: Amy Chen and Kaavya Thirumurugan

Smart Baggage Scan

Using AI to Streamline Security Checkpoints.

By: Edward Jost and Nicholas A Neagle

Discover Exoplanets

Using Artificial Neural Networks to Discover Exoplanets

By: Shashank Kamal and Douglas Lin

AI Driven Damage Assessment

Assessing Damage Done By Natural Disasters Using ML

By: Shirlin Kingston and Samuel Kingston

The Trash Fuel Project

Intelligently identify the combustibility of a trash and segregate them from non-combustible ones.

By: Divija Nath and Senria Nath

Classify Skin Lesion

AI-Driven Non-Invasive Skin Lesion Classification

By: Tanishk Natu

Detect COVID-19

ML Covid-19 Detector App

By: Shridha Rajeswar

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Using Regression Analysis to Determine Covid-19 Risk and Severity

By: Swetha Senthilnathan


AI Energy Management System

By: Noah Stewart

Stop Wildfires

AI to stop wildfires

By: Owen Hartman